Lessons (singing lessons, piano lessons and more!)

“Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable”
– Leonard Bernstein –

Music teacher Rob Reyners is the right person for singing lessons, piano lessons, trumpet lessons, audition training, music theory and solfeggio.
Not classical, but pop, musical and jazz.
Rob teaches in an enthusiastic and energetic way and has many years of experience in teaching music to young and old; individually, duo, vocal group, choir, primary school and high school.

As a teacher you’re not only a mentor, but also a coach and a listening ear.
Because music is emotion and every person is unique and needs different attention.
Adapting to each and every individual is the key; focussing the lessons on the students needs and wishes.

During the singing lessons you will work on issues like:
– breathing
– posture
– interpretation
– dynamics
– vocal technique
– vocal range
– resonance
– intonation
– tone production
– performance
– microphone technique

Because of his experience on stages, Rob knows what it’s like to perform and apply all the right techniques at the same time.
This is also something you work on during the lessons.

The main aspects of teaching are having fun in making music and transferring knowledge.
Of course this also requires enthusiasm, motivation, discipline and perseverance.
Musically trained individuals, that can transfer skills and emotions into one of life’s most important aspects: the love of music.

Rob teaches during the following moments:
– Monday afternoon
– Monday evening
– Tuesday afternoon
– Wednesday morning
– Wednesday afternoon
– Wednesday evening
– Thursday afternoon
– Friday afternoon

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